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Thursday 06 May 2021
Knoxville Explosion! - Here Comes the Boom!
Knoxville Explosion Proudly Thank Our 2019 Team Sponsors! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joe Birchfield   

Please visit or call all of our sponsors as they have helped our players focus on their school work and softball skills development without the worry of financial burden.  Thank you sponsors for your investment in our players future!

 Thank You Sponsors for helping our girls become the players they were born to be!

Why the Knoxville Explosion: 10 Great Reasons PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joe Birchfield   

Parents and players often ask, why do we want to play for the Knoxville Explosion?  Here are the top 10 reasons to join the Knoxville Explosion Fast Pitch Softball Organization David Letterman Style!

  1. Commitment to the fundamentals.  Our coaches are hand-picked due to their extensive knowledge of the game.  Many have not only coached travel softball for an extended period of time but many of them are former players giving them key insight into the strategy of the game! 
  2. Reputation.  The Knoxville Explosion Organization has an excellent reputation with many coaches, organizations, sanctioning bodies, players, parents and umpires.  We have a reputation of turning out well-coached teams that compete but are also great kids off of the field.
  3. Coaches.  There are many excellent fast pitch softball coaches throughout the various age groups in the Knoxville softball communities.  We are blessed to have excellent coaches that understand the game, are certified Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) double goal coaches who are volunteer coaches.  Off of the field, our coaches are doctors, lawyers, CEOs, firemen, policemen, environmental professionals, lawyers, business owners, high school sport coaches and a hundred other professions, meaning your player will learn responsibility and how to act from leaders in our very own community!
  4. Low Player Turn Over.  We enjoy an astounding 90% player retention rate across the organization!  While not for everyone, our organization is run like a family with family values!
  5. Training.  The Knoxville Explosion Player Development Program is a one of a kind program that focuses on all of the fundamental areas of game play, especially mental development.  This includes situational game awareness.  This is extremely important in the proper development of players!  We also have a physical training program with Johnny Long Training Academy so our players develop quickness and strength as they mature.
  6. Technology.  We utilize the latest in softball training technology whether it be batting and fielding tools to use of video equipment and computer statistical analysis.  This analysis is extremely important to identify flaws in player mechanics!
  7. Production.  We measure success by the development of each player.  Players are better after they have completed our program than when we first encountered them.  The results on the field are also impressive, our teams have posted 21 Tennessee State Championships in ISA, ASA, SEAA in the 8u, 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u and 18u age groups from 2011-2019.  We have won back to back SEAA 10u and 8u World Series titles and recently the 18u and 12u ISA World Series in 2019.  In addition, our teams have also performed well out of state winning several tournaments in Spartanburg, SC, finishing runner-up in the 2014 14u USA/ASA Alabama Heartland Elite Showcase, runner-up in the 12u NSA Historic Triangle Battle in Williamsburg VA, runner-up in the 12 u USSSA Gold North Florida State Championship in Jacksonville, FL, in addition to a slew of East Tennessee Regional Championships!
  8. Academic Excellence.  The Knoxville Explosion prides itself on upholding the academic excellence within its organization.  We expect our players to all be honor roll students and have an academic incentive and recognition program for our players.
  9. Community Service.  Understanding how blessed we actually are, The Knoxville Explosion undertakes a variety of community service projects to help those in the community less fortunate than us.  The players actively participate in the community service projects that have included, but not been limited to hosting Christmas at the Smokey Mountain Children’s Home and Locks of Love Hair Donation Drives.
  10. Stability.  We are the largest Fastpitch softball organization in Knoxville and are continuing to experience explosive growth.  The advantage that this affords our players is that they have the option to remain within the organization if they are an older or younger player playing on the various Explosion teams.  So worry not, your player will have every opportunity to stay with the organization without the worry of “what will we do next year” late season blues!  Also many startup teams form and breakup within 8 months of forming, its a fact.  Established in 2005, our organization has steadily formed a solid, stable foundation to support our teams and develop future teams.  So, when considering a new home for your player, consider this important point.....will the team you are considering still be around next season or 5 years from now.
Knoxville Explosion Fast Pitch Softball Organization Takes a Stand Against Bullying PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joe Birchfield   

The Knoxville Explosion Fast Pitch Softball Organization is taking a stand against bullying. Children in the U.S. are being bullied by the millions and it has reached epic proportions. Because of our continued commitment to fostering excellence on and off of the field of play, we are taking a stand against bullies and bullying activities. A program has been developed that each of our players will be briefed, educating them as to what constitutes bully-like activities, how to prevent it and how to deal with bullies. Moreover, new organization rules have been implemented to prevent any of our players from bullying their teammates, opponents, coaches, umpires, and parents. We care about our players and want to arm them with the tools necessary to succeed in life! If you are interested in our anti-bullying program you can email Joe Birchfield at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ! Thanks Everyone!
Be a Student of the Game - Follow These Rules PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joe Birchfield   

Take small steps. Improvement is sometimes a slow process so don't get discouraged.  Many times, we've seen a player struggle throughout an entire year only to come back the next and be a different player.

·        Learn the game - practice matters.

·         Hustle - how you practice is how you play

·        Be competitive - play to win.

·         Respect and support each other – the golden rule

·        Respect yourself - no foul language or Personal remarks.

·        Play with poise - the game DOES start over with every pitch

·        Enjoy the game - and have fun being a part of it.

·        Take pride in what you do - never be content with mediocrity

·        Softball is a team sport but demands individual online bingo font-size: 14pt; mso-fareast-font-family: 'Times New Roman';">effort

 Become a student of the game. There is always more to learn.


Have fun. Softball is a game.


There is no reason you can't improve while having fun.


Abe was right about study and preparation. Become as knowledgeable as you possibly can about the game of softball-There are a lot of half-truths and well meaning but inadequate coaching instruction at the youth level. A coach would do well to become a student of the game. As a player if you have dreams and not wishes, go to work on your dream. And then work some more. Work separates the great from the average. If there are two players of equal talent, the one who studies and works harder will always win in the long run.  There is no magical substitute for work, no instant drill to make you succeed, no one piece of advice that will put it all together.


One other suggestion: Be patient.


Take small steps. Improvement is sometimes a slow process so don't get discouraged. Many times, we've seen a player struggle throughout an entire year only to come back the next and be a different player.

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Coaches Contact Information

2014 Explosion (6u)

Head Coach Marshall Brakebill - (865) 748-0000 - marshallbrakebill@hotmail.com

2012 Explosion (8u)

Head Coach Angela Johnson - (865) 919-8001 - kassj1234@hotmail.com

2011 Explosion (9u)

Head Coach Cody Banks - (865) 556-6636 - cburch06@comcast.net

Explosion X (10u)

Head Coach Ryan Carson-(865) 898-4157 - maxedoutgym@gmail.com

'09 Explosion (11u)

Head Coach Steve Wolfgram- (865) 740-8488 - jalynhomes@charter.net

'08 Explosion (12u)

Head Coach Mark Collier- (865) 591-2837 - markcollier013@yahoo.com

'07 Explosion (13u)

Head Coach Scott Barnes- 865-387-3264sbarnes1100@gmail.com

2025 Explosion (13u)

Head Coach Amy Dorsett - 865-850-9100 - jadorset@aol.com

2024 Explosion (14u)

Head Coach Harold Lynn - (865) 228-8082 - tn02softball@gmail.com

2023 Explosion (15u)

Head Coach Keith Gray - (865) 323-7249 - kgray@utmck.edu

Explosion Select (High School)

Head Coach Kelsey Birchfield - (865) 441-1050 - kelseybirchfield@gmail.com

Assistant Kat Cechini _ (865) 548-4647 - katherinecechini@gmail.com

Organization Chief

Joe Birchfield - (865) 363-0728 - birchfieldj@earthlink.net

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